A couple of weeks had passed since the incident with the new door opening in my entryway and the flying red triangle abducting me.

The first few days after it happened, I had just felt totally robbed of all energy.

I slept a lot, and only got up to eat very light meals.

I didn’t even feel like drinking coffee, which was very unusual.

I reassured my wife that I had probably caught a light flu or something similar, and that I just needed to rest a little.

I told her nothing about the incident.

She was content with my explanation, even if she found it a bit surprising that I should be sick so suddenly, as it didn’t happen very often that I had any health problems.

To make things seem more natural, and to buy myself some time, I called my doctor and had her write a medical certificate to send off to work.

Towards the end of the week, I started feeling better, but somehow I couldn’t get myself back into focusing on my usual routines.

I felt that I had to try and understand what had happened to me, however surreal it was.

My approach to life has always been quite rational, and I found the only way to attack this situation was to try and make sense of it.

At first, I had to decide whether the whole thing had been a hallucination , due to some unknown medical reason, or if what had happened was as real as anything else I was experiencing.

The latter seemed the most believable conclusion, as all my senses had been intact throughout the experience, and I could remember every little detail.

For some reason I was very preoccupied with the peculiar shape of the thing that had encapsulated me, and elevated me into the skies that day.

I felt that it was somehow essential.

So I sat down by my computer and started searching for more information on triangular shapes.

Even though I have a basic understanding of geometry, I discovered that there was a lot to learn.

I eventually learned that a triangular object where all sides and angles are equal, is called a Tetrahedron, and that this is the first of five fundamental shapes known as the Platonic Solids.

The Platonic Solids are the only five objects in three-dimensional space where all its sides and angles are equal.

I found it very interesting, especially as I hadn’t been aware of any of this before, in spite of it being fairly basic knowledge about the world we live in.

But even after I had read about the Platonic Solids for hours, there was no indication that any of them were supposed to talk to you, or abduct you from your entryway in the morning.

That part was still a grey area.

The weekend passed, I felt that I needed more time, and called my doctor again on Monday morning to ask for another week to rejuvenate.

This time she sounded a little more concerned, and asked me if I could come down to her office and do some tests, but after I reassured her that this was nothing more than a light flu, that I could already feel was loosening its grip, she agreed to write an extended medical report for work.

I hung up, put on some loose and comfy clothes, made myself a cup of weak coffee, and sat down by my desk in the small home office we had converted our oldest’s son’s room into when he moved out.

The day was spent reading more and gradually getting lost in a rabbit hole of suspicious websites linking geometrical shapes to frequency spectrums and levitating boulders. 

Some claimed that any form in the universe functions as an “antenna” for specific “energies”.

Needless to say, to someone with a thirty year career working with electronics, relating to the basic laws of electricity and electromagnetism every day, this sounded pretty out there, and probably was.

But it was still not as crazy as my own experience from the previous Monday would sound to anyone with a basic understanding of psychology.

I kept reading and followed any lead I could find, as weird as they came, until the entire day had passed and my wife came home from her day shift.

I could see her surprise at finding me in the clothes I was wearing.

I didn’t often wear comfy clothes, not even at home.

She showed some real concern when I told her I still hadn’t gone to work.

“But you always go to work. You’re an always going to work person!”, she said over dinner.

I thought about this, how I was defined only by my habits, and not by how I experienced the world.

It somehow felt unfair.

“Maybe I’m more than one person?”, I heard myself answer.

She stared at me.

“You realise that that’s a very strange thing to say?”.

She gave me a cold look, as if I had betrayed her in some way.

Maybe I had.

I avoided talking about the subject for the rest of the evening, and waited until she went upstair to bed.

After another couple of hours in front of the computer, I was too tired to take in any more information, and decided to go to bed.

The last thing I do before brushing my teeth, is turning off all the lights in the house.

This includes going down the stairs to the entryway on the ground floor, and check the switch for the outdoor lamp, and double-check if the door is locked.

It usually is.

As I switched off the light and turned around to go back up, I stopped mid-movement.

A dim, greenish glow drew up an outline of the new door on the wall.

It gradually got more and more intense, until the door was penetrated by beams of light and eventually dissolved.

In the doorway, a rotating, green cube appeared.

“This is not who you are.”, it said, and then I was lifted me across the room and sucked  into its interior, just as the Tetrahedron had done the previous Monday.

Confined inside the square, I could see that it had the same gradient quality as the Tetrahedron, as if its walls were made up of a fog-like texture.

Again, the feeling of movement started.

I wouldn’t suggest that I’d gotten used to the experience in any way, but this time I felt a little calmer.

The shaking and moving went on for much longer than in my last experience, and I decided it was best to just keep quiet and wait for whatever destination I was headed for.

As I sat there, I noticed a subtle humming sound, like a low frequency drone, probably less than one hundred cycles per second.

It felt as if it was coming from all directions, from the very fabric of the cube.

This, combined with the green glow made me feel surprisingly comfortable.

Maybe I was getting used to the experience, and even a little excited about what would come next.

After a while the humming sound dropped in frequency until it was below the listening spectre.

Simultaneously, the sense of movement ended.

And everything went still.

I kept looking at the walls, and noticed that they had turned semi-transparent.

Outside, I could see that it was dark, and that I was sat in an open, grassy field.

Above me a starry sky opened up, and at the edges of the field I could see trees, and also some buildings in the distance.

There was also glow of light from behind the buildings that gave me the impression that I was not totally out in the wilderness, but rather at the outskirts of a city.

Eventually the walls of the cube dissolved completely, and I now found myself sitting on the grass, which felt warm and comfortable.

It puzzled me to find myself in a hot summer’s evening, a far cry from the snowy November night I had just been in back home.

I rose to my feet, and looked around.

The sounds of insects provided a suitable soundtrack to the setting.

The cube was nowhere to be seen now, and no voices spoke neither inside or outside my head.

I felt strangely at ease, and wondered what to make of all this.

Then, as an impulse coming from somewhere hitherto unknown to me, I started moving on the grass.

At first, I just swayed in the warm breeze, but then I started swirling around.

I was dancing.

Still wearing my pyjamas, with no shoes on, the sensation of the grass under my feet got more and more intense, and eventually made me feel that I was being caressed by the earth, returning its love by dancing, like a child would.

An unimaginable joy rose inside me, and I started smiling and giggling uncontrollably.

I swirled and danced with a sense of freedom that I couldn’t recall having felt ever before.

I looked at my hands, and discovered that there were beams of light shining out of them in the most brilliant colours I’ve ever seen.

I gazed at the apparent magic unfolding before my eyes, and saw that as I made gestures with my hands, the light-beams would form little wheels of light in numerous colours.

I started throwing the light-wheels out into the air.

A complete and utter happiness filled me, and for the first time I could recall, I sensed a near endless love for everything inside and around me.

The colour-wheels flew across the meadow, over the trees and towards the buildings in the city in the distance.

I laughed aloud, and moved like floating in warm, liquid air.

Looking at my feet, I watched the grass pressing up around them as I moved, and I suddenly felt a limitless love for the ground beneath me.

I stopped dancing and knelt down, spreading my arms as I laid down on my belly.

I realised that the love I felt was for the planet below me.

A warm, breathing, living thing that provided me with everything I could ever wish for.


As I hugged the earth, I started crying.

I laid there, holding on to the Earth, hoping this would last for an eternity.

Then, without warning, I was lifted up and sucked back into the cube, that was now placed in the middle of the field. 

I could hear my own desperate cries, as coming from a child being separated from its mother, but in no time I found myself back inside the green cube. It started moving, and the humming sound returned.

The voice inside my returned, and said: “THAT is who you are!”

Whereby I was spat out back onto the chilly stone floor of my entryway.

Helpless as a newborn, I curled up and started sobbing uncontrollably on the cold floor.